Happy Launchday Forensic Nexus!


June 23rd, 2011! Today is our official launch day! Thank you all who are visiting for the first time, and thank you all who have patiently and anxiously anticipated the launch of Forensic Nexus! So far the journey has been great and we look forward to the road to come.

Interesting in reading about the inspiration behind the site, click here.

We have worked very hard to research and organize important information critical to a successful career in forensics. As interest and advancements in the field occurs, the site will also grow and we intend to update regularly as new information is discovered.

Forensic science encompasses a large variety of disciplines and subdisciplines, and this area of the website will grow as we discover common, as well as uncommonly encountered specialties in the field. The list is endless, but our goal is to represent everyone in the community! The same goes for the professional societies and organizations.

Stay tuned for our weekly blogs that we’ve decided to title ‘Forensic Nexus Q/A Session’ where will be introducing you to professionals in forensics, sharing their pathways into their careers, offering suggestions and advice.

We hope to educate, increase awareness, and provide resources to interests in pursuing a career in forensic science. We are open to criticism, suggestions, advice and support! Forensics is our passion and we hope to express that through our work.

Again, thank you for visiting and we hope that you continue to join us in our journey!


Tatiana T. Scott – Founder of Forensic Nexus


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