Finding a job in Forensic Science. Where to start? The Social Network Edition.


If you are studying forensic science and becoming concerned about how to go about starting your job search, then you have come to the right place. Whether you are just starting out or will be starting your search in the near future, keep in mind that you aren’t the first person to embark on such a time consuming, overwhelming and research intensive journey.

We will be honest with you. Finding a job in forensic science can be very difficult, and knowing exactly where to begin can be intimidating.

We’ve been there, so we know ALL about how the hunt for employment can be! But have no fear, you can and will succeed at jump-starting your career in forensics!

There are tons of forensic science job boards that are updated regularly with vacancies. So many, that listing them all here might actually be impossible. Believe it or not, we have found some of the popular social networking sites to be quite effective in staying up to date with job vacancies in forensic science.


If you haven’t already visited this site, we highly recommend it. Sign up, take advantage of the information that they provide about perfecting your profile and familiarize yourself with the site, how it works, what it offers and how you can use it to your full advantage. Don’t be afraid to share your employment history, skills, and accomplishments because the purpose of the site is to network and advertise yourself as THE candidate for the job your are seeking. After you’ve created and perfected your profile, found and connected with your colleagues, and became a master of the site, start searching for groups, organizations, laboratories, companies, agencies..the possibilities are endless. Follow the companies that you are interested in working for and join their forums to ask questions, read discussions and to potentially network with their employees. Many employers these days are using LinkedIn as a tool to recruit their employees. You can choose to use the job search option on the site to browse vacant positions or you can opt to receive daily, weekly or monthly updates via your email from the group forums regarding any positions they have posted. We love LinkedIn and therefore can go on and on about how many great people we have connected with and received encouragement from on there when we launched Forensic Nexus. But we will end here by encouraging you to give it a try!


If you already have a Twitter account where you follow friends and celebrities that you adore. That is great! We do too. If you are unfamiliar with Twitter and you don’t have an account, what are you waiting on? Sign up and create a professional account that you can use to follow your favorite schools, organizations, companies, laboratories, agencies, groups and professionals in the field. Tons of important information is being shared by the minute and when the people that you follow “tweet” articles, events, and job vacancies, they are stored on your timeline immediately for convenient scrolling. While searching for relevant informative resources on the site, interact with those that you follow, tweet about your experiences and other information regarding your interests. You may attract followers of your own and develop a network on Twitter. Great opportunities are often being shared on Twitter and we wouldn’t want you to miss out on them.

Give these sites a try and let us know your experiences. Also, take a peak at our FN Job Board for other places to look for employment.

Stay tuned for our next blog for more hints on how to search for a job in forensic science!

In the meantime, consider this advice as well:

Science Employment Agencies:

Agencies are extremely helpful because you can browse their job database, or create an account and upload your resume and a cover letter. Recruiters will notify you via email of new positions or schedule a consultation over the phone, which is just a series of interview-like questions that would help them to filter through their list and provide you with positions that specifically match your credentials and preferences. Building a relationship with the recruiter will help them to keep you in mind for new opportunities.

Job Boards:

Recently we have spotted some great positions on these sites:

Good luck!


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  1. AmbitiousGirl says:

    This was very helpful and encouraging. I enjoy your articles, and I have learned alot from them so far. Thank you!


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