Forensic Nexus Participates in ‘CSI: The Experience’ a Hands-On Science Exhibit in Times Square.

Whether you are a practicing or aspiring forensic scientist, CSI or just a lover of the field, you WILL enjoy CSI: The Experience, which is a hands-on science exhibit that challenges its guests to solve a crime mystery, while exposing them to fundamental scientific principals, numerous scientific disciplines, advanced technology and techniques used today by CSI’s and forensic scientists and teaching them the importance and significance of the field for cracking crimes.

The exhibit opened in May of 2011 at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago and continues to travel, as there are exhibits currently at the following locations for a limited time:

Times Square, New York – Discovery Times Square 

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – The Franklin Institute 

Buffalo, New York – Buffalo Museum of Science 

Las Vegas, Nevada – MGM Grand 

Queensland, Australia – Surfers Paradise at the Piazza

Forensic Nexus had the pleasure of experiencing the exhibit. We not only succeeded at arriving at the scene of the crime, documenting, collecting, and analyzing evidence. But we also succeeded at solving the crime and receiving the awesome certificate above for doing so!

We are also teaching exclusive workshops at the exhibit in Times Square.

We are having a great time meeting our future scientists that attend our workshops and welcome them on team Forensic Nexus. We highly recommend that you don’t miss your opportunity to visit the exhibit and when you do, come back and tell us about it! Don’t forget your lab coats, goggles and gloves!



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