Seeking Mentors for high school students final senior science projects!

On behalf of our student ambassadors of James C. Enochs High School, in Modesto, CA, Forensic Nexus asks all of our subscribing scientists and medical professionals to contact the following students to assist in mentoring them through the completion of their final senior science projects. They would greatly appreciate your expertise and advice.

Here are the details of their projects:


*Newest additions*

Daniel Sforza is doing his project on the witness reliability.


Dallas Logsdon is doing his project on fingerprinting and seeking a mentor in the field of forensic science.


(1) Brandie Brown:

I will be dissecting various insects and extracting their DNA and examining the extracted DNA (through PCR) for the parasitic Wolbachia bacteria. Since about 66% of all insects (which are approximately 85% of the animal kingdom) are infected with Wolbachia, I will be collecting and examing various insects in the Stanislaus County area (Modesto, CA specifically) to see the Wolbachia population of the insects.



(2) Ari Roest:

My research project is about the use of music therapy to treat children with ADD. One of the requirements for this project is finding a mentor to help guide me through this project.  We are required to research the topic, write a 15 page essay with charts and other data.



(3) Stephanie Samos:

I am interested in researching how different recycling methods effect the environment. I would like to keep it a “green” project, but it does not have to specifically focus on recycling.


(4) Drew Ruiz:

I am testing what effects music has on a person’s mood.


Thank you!

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