Email Help: “I don’t have any lab experience, how can I get my foot in the door?”


We receive emails all of the time with questions that we feel many of our readings can relate to. So we post them here, along with our responses to keep you informed!

Email Question:

I have a BS in Biological Science but I don’t have much lab experience. Is there anything you could recommend to get my foot in the door to a possible job (I’ve always wanted to do genetics but I’m not sure I have taken all necessary courses)? I’m considering graduate school but I am not really sure if that’s something I want to do quite yet.


Our Response: 

Not having any lab experience is very easily fixable by either interning or volunteering. Interships are key and many labs while they may not have a paid internship programs available, they usually agree to having you come in a few times a week if your schedule permits to shadow. I would suggest getting your lab experience that way. You can try local laboratories in your field of interest, even labs at local colleges and universities. Graduate school is definitely a commitment that one should be completely certain about before applying and attending. You should figure out why you want a graduate degree, in what and where you ultimate want to be or would wan to do with that degree. If you decide that graduate school is a great choice for your career goal, then much of your lab experience could potentially be achieved that way. Any further questions, please email us at Hope this helps!

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