Four Critical Situations For Families That Forensic Psychologists In Chicago Can Assist With


Because of the way the legal system works, forensic psychologists in Chicago may be called to court to provide supporting evidence. Clinical assessments and other evidence are often required for courts to be able to resolve disputes and accelerate decision making in complex cases. Forensic psychology combines the disciplines of forensics and psychology to provide objective and independent assessments, particularly when a matter is fiercely contested. There are a number of different ways that forensic psychology can support family law and provide assistance for issues that cause problems within a family unit.  Here are four significant ways a forensic psychologist may be able to help your family.

 1. A Forensic Psychologist Can Provide Assistance With Child Custody Cases

At times a forensic psychologist may be called upon to assess parents and children to establish who the best custodian would be. Times of divorce and separation can be very traumatic and parents may not always behave in the best way for their children so a forensic psychologist has to provide supporting evidence in the best interests of the children. In addition to making custody recommendations, the psychologist may also suggest counseling for parents and children.

2. Assessments Of Addictive Disorders

Family units can be torn apart by addictive disorders. Frequently addictions such as gambling, alcohol, substance abuse and sex addictions can co-exist in more complex problems such as crimes, deceit and betrayal. A forensic psychologist has to separate the lies from the facts and supply evidence to the court to help it make a decision or ruling.

If a criminal charge has been brought against the family member, the forensic psychologist may be required to assess him or her to establish if he or she is fit to stand trial.

3. Psychotherapy And Rehabilitation

Making recommendations to the court may just be a small component of a forensic psychologist’s duties. When problems are detected, the psychologist may be tasked with providing counseling and support for family members. In addition to counseling the member who is undergoing the problem, other family members may need help to be able to provide a level of support.

4. Forensic Psychology And Financial Distress

Sometimes families undergo financial pressures which could result in foreclosures or bankruptcies. To assess the validity of such claims the forensic psychologist may be required to audit financial documents and history and to help the court make a decision regarding the person’s financial situation.

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