Snapshots of Forensic Artist Jason Harveys Art Exhibit ‘Fantasy Composites’

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Forensic art is any art used in law enforcement or legal proceedings. Within this field are such skills as composite drawing, crime scene sketching, image modification and image identification, courtroom drawings, demonstrative evidence, and postmortem and facial approximation aids.

A forensic artist, also commonly referred to as a sketch artist, is a graphic artist that renders free-hand or computerized drawings, enhancements, and reconstructions. Forensic art is defined as an artistic technique used for identification, apprehension or conviction purposes.

With that being said…yes we’ve interviewed forensic artists in the past for our blog, all of whom are so very interesting. And hopefully we will get a chance to showcase and spotlight more in the future. We love sharing these stories for students that may be interested in pursuing this particularly specialized field of forensics. This time we are sharing some snapshots from a recent event that we attended in support of not only a real life forensic artist, but a fellow NYPD colleague, Jason Harvey.

Jason Harvey, a Fine Arts graduate and Forensic Artist for the NYPD Forensic Investigations Division had his artwork shown at the Fort Gansevoort Art Gallery in New York City. The exhibit was titled “Fantasy Composites” demonstrating Jason’s ability to create composites from memory incorporating different features of people he interacts with in his day to day life. None of the art that was on display represented actual criminals, but were more a fun rendering of what his job is like. The sketches were great, the event was quite fun and Jason is really awesome. Enjoy. There’s a bonus photo of me somewhere in there with Jason. 🙂








Forensic Science Summer Programs For Kids Ages 8-18 Currently Accepting Applications For Enrollment at Universities and Colleges across the US

As interest in the field of Forensic Science continues to grow, so does the accessibility of programs for young aspirants. We are happy to provide links to the colleges, universities and labs that are now accepting applications for enrollment into their forensic science summer camp programs from all over the United States. This list is definitely not exhaustive as I am sure there are many more programs we have yet to discover, especially since there are programs being developed as we speak!. As we learn about them, we will update this list and you will be the first to know. Consider this one of many blogs to come! Apply quickly, as it seems like many of these programs are already filling up! Also, we encourage you to spread the word and to email us with any programs that you know of that we haven’t listed! Thanks!

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UCLA [Blueprint Forensic Science Camp]



University of Colorado [Blueprint Forensic Science Camp]



University of Connecticut [Blueprint Forensic Science Camp]



University of Florida [Blueprint Forensic Science Camp]



Emory University [Blueprint Forensic Science Camp]



Tufts University [Blueprint Forensic Science Camp]

Stonehill College [Blueprint Forensic Science Camp]



University of Michigan [Blueprint Forensic Science Camp]


New Jersey

Centenary College of New Jersey [Forensic Science: CSI Summer Camp]


New York

Hofstra University [Bioengineering/Forensic Science Camp]

Skidmore College [Crime Scene Investigation Camp]

Siena College [CSI Summer Camp]

St. Josephs College [Forensic Science Summer Camp]

Syracuse University [Summer College: Forensic Science]

Cold Spring Harbor Lab [Forensic Detectives Program]


North Carolina

Appalachian State University [Forensic Anthropology Summer Camp]



Cedarville University [Forensic Science Camp]


Penn State [Junior Nittany Criminal Investigation Summer Camp]

Penn State [Computer and Science Security Camp]

Penn State [Forensic Science Camp]

Lehigh University [Blueprint Forensic Science Camp]

Point Park University [CSI Summer Camp]



University of Virginia [Blueprint Forensic Science Camp]


Washington, D.C.

Georgetown University [Blueprint Forensic Science Camp]

American University [Crime Scene Investigation Summer Camp]

George Mason Univerity [National Youth Leadership Forum: Law and CSI]

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