Fun Crime Scene Science Cheat Sheet Infographic

This fun infographic gives a quick snapshot of the different types of crime scene professionals that it takes to collectively solve a crime by summarizing some of their key concerns and uses of evidence found at a crime scene. Have fun!     Source:

Medical Uses of Abused Drugs Infographic

As you all know..we LOVE infographics. This really beautifully designed one about the medical uses of commonly abused drugs was introduced to us today, from Medical Billing and Coding Guide. Enjoy! Via: Medical Billing and Coding Guide

Forensic Nexus Q/A Session with a Forensic Jeweler

Forensic Nexus would like to introduce you to Ms. Maria Maclennan of Dundee, Scotland, UK who has a very unique speciality. She is a Forensic Jeweler. Ms. Maclennan kindly agreed to being interviewed by Forensic Nexus to share her career path. We asked her the following questions:   What is your area of expertise/forensic discipline? Despite originally having trained…

Bad Science: Exaggerated & False Research Infographic

We love a good infographic. [FN Infographic Archive] Clinical Psychology recently shared the following infographic with us that asks the questions: Are scientists really the most honest people around? Are their scientific findings reliable? I always say, the best quality of a scientist is integrity. Enjoy. Created by: Clinical Psychology