• Current Accredited Forensic Science Programs

    The Forensic Science Education Programs Accreditation Commission (FEPAC) does a great job at updating their website with the current accredited universities that offer undergraduate and graduate programs in different disciplines of forensic science. FEPAC is …

  • Four Critical Situations For Families That Forensic Psychologists In Chicago Can Assist With

    Because of the way the legal system works, forensic psychologists in Chicago may be called to court to provide supporting evidence. Clinical assessments and other evidence are often required for courts to be able to …

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    Fun Crime Scene Science Cheat Sheet Infographic

    This fun infographic gives a quick snapshot of the different types of crime scene professionals that it takes to collectively solve a crime by summarizing some of their key concerns and uses of evidence found …

  • Forensic Nexus Forensic Scientist

    Forensic Nexus Q/A Session with a Digital Forensic Scientist!

    Forensic Nexus would like to introduce you to Golden S. Richard of New¬†Orleans, Louisiana whose area of expertise is in Digital Forensics. Golden kindly agreed to being interviewed by Forensic Nexus to share his¬†career path. …

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